About MacroVisor

MacroVisor is a financial research firm focused on analyzing markets and the economy from the top down in detail, taking an academic but accessible approach for everyone.

Our goal is to break down complex subjects and help our audience understand their impacts. Whether it is an impact in a sector, industry, stock, or parts of the global economy. There’s always a story behind the numbers — and that story helps to drive longer-term trends and opportunities.

We Make Macro Actionable

Through the big picture we believe that one is able to see important trend and cycle changes on the horizon. Often before markets fully price them in. Allowing traders and investors to gain actionable insights from our cross-asset strategies.

MacroVisor was founded by Ayesha Tariq, CFA and is a sister company to Traderade.com. Our business is based in Dubai, UAE, a leading international finance hub.

Ayesha is regularly featured on Bloomberg, Fox, Asharq and other financial media

Who is MacroVisor for?

MacroVisor is for institutions, family offices, and sophisticated traders and investors who are interested in learning more about how the big picture impacts the market and the opportunities that can create.

We focus education and identifying themes and trends that may play out over the course of months and years to provide uncorrelated returns vs the broader US equity market.

MacroVisor provides bespoke research and consulting as well as a subscription service called MacroVisor Premium.

How We Work

As a supporter of MacroVisor Premium, clients receive the following benefits:

  • Access to our original research and analysis on our website 

    • All Benefits of MacroVisor Free Plan

    • Ideas - Macro Thematic Ideas for Trading and Investing

    • Exclusive Long-Form Thematic Research - Identifying Trends and Opportunities

    • Long-Term Investing Portfolio Picks of Stocks That We Plan to Hold for the Long-term

    • Weekly Dashboard - Outlook on the Markets and Asset Classes - US, Developing Markets, Emerging Markets, Commodities, FX

    • Timely analysis of pertinent economic data releases

    • Breakfast Bites - Analysis of developments around the world and their potential impacts on the economy and markets

  • Community events and education

  • Plan pricing

Macro Matters

The macro environment helps to define the larger trends, such as where we are in the credit cycle and which parts of the market and economy may benefit. Understanding macro helps us to be more informed as investors and swing traders about what the probabilistic outcomes may be and model accordingly.

Whether we are in an economic expansion or contraction, there are always opportunities to benefit from what’s happening. We want to share those opportunities with the research and analysis that we feel makes them possible. In addition, we want to educate our audience by sharing our knowledge and insights.

The Big Picture

Macro is all about the 30,000 foot view. Looking at the market, economy, and more from a top down perspective and then zooming in. As students of the markets and economy, we feel that this approach is a great way to have a longer term edge as it allows us to identify trends that are forming which offering trading and investment opportunities that can offer uncorrelated returns vs the broader US equity market.

We also enjoy researching what is driving these trends and sharing our views and insights on industries, sectors, and regions of the world as well as a variety of different asset classes.

Payments for MacroVisor Premium

We take payments by Visa, Mastercard, Google Pay, and Apple Pay using Stripe. Because we are located in Dubai, UAE that means that for many of our clients we are an international vendor. Sometimes that will create issues for the payment going through properly.

If you have any trouble paying us, it may be because your credit card is not setup for international payments. This restriction can often be disabled by contacting your credit card issuing bank.

If you still aren’t able to make international payments on your card or otherwise prefer to use PayPal, we can take payment for a one-year plan via PayPal.

Just email [email protected] to make arrangements with our team.