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Investing Ideas

Every month we publish our take on stocks as investing ideas. The holding period for these ideas may range from 3 weeks to 3 years, although we prefer more strategic ideas with a 2-3 year time frame. 

The ideas are based on Macro or Thematic catalysts, and we use fundamental or technical analysis to firm up our view, sometimes both! We attempt to create a diversified portfolio of ideas that can have a runway of growth.

While we publish weekly price updates on our list of ideas on our Weekly Dashboard, you can scroll to the bottom of the page to view our list which is updated once a month. 

To give you an idea… two of our best-performing ideas as of 29 Feb 2024 have been:

  • Blue Owl Capital (OWL) +49.67%

  • Nintendo (NTDOY) +34.14%

The MacroVisor Long-Term Portfolio

We're launching a list of stocks as part of our long-term portfolio. We're choosing these stocks based on three basic criteria:

  1. Quality - Solid fundamentals, capital allocation decisions, and financial management

  2. Relevance - How relevant the company is will determine how well this company will grow and continue to remain in business

  3. Longevity - Do the companies have staying power or the power to innovate and pivot when times change

We're looking at a time horizon of 10-30 years, so basically solid companies that we can put away into our portfolios for retirement.

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