MacroVisor Dashboard Update

Week of January 21th, 2024

Hey everyone,

We hope you’re having a good weekend! The latest MacroVisor Dashboard is out. We’re continuing to add new content and add more value for our Premium Members.

We’ve put in our views:

  • Macro: Medium to Longer Term (3 to 6 months) - Please note that last week we’ve made changes for the upcoming quarter

  • Momentum: Short Term (1 to 3 weeks)

  • Previous Week’s View

  • 1-week Return and 1-month return

At MacroVisor we also believe in continually improving our offering, adding more value for our subscribers as we grow and build as a company. With that in mind we’ve added more commentary this week on momentum factors and, where they exist, potential trade setups. We’ve also added a new list to track our Investment Portfolio.

Please make sure to also follow our Daily Breakfast Bites where we report on relevant data and implications every day, along with a daily calendar of events to keep you updated alongside our weekly dashboard.

There is a key at the bottom of this post that tells you what we’ve considered when putting together this dashboard.

Table of Contents

The MacroVisor Investing Portfolio: A New View

Before we move on to the notes for our Dashboard, we’re excited to bring you a new feature! Our consolidated view on the MacroVisor Investing picks that we have been sharing. This list will be updated regularly with last close price (usually the preceding Friday) and any new stock picks we add.

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