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MacroVisor Dashboard - Week of June 3rd, 2024

Our updated views on global markets and more

Hi friends,

Happy Monday! The latest MacroVisor Dashboard is now available, with updates on a variety of asset classes around the world.

Here’s how the MacroVisor Dashboard displays our analysis:

  • Asset Name

  • Macro: This Quarter’s Macro Score

  • Macro: Previous Quarter’s Macro Score

  • Momentum: This Week’s Momentum Score

  • Momentum: Previous Week’s Momentum Score

  • Trading Instrument

  • 1-Week Return

  • 1-Month Return

Please make sure to also follow our Breakfast Bites articles where we report on relevant data to keep you updated alongside our weekly dashboard.

There is a key at the bottom of this post that tells you what we’ve considered when putting together this dashboard.

This week, we’ve also introduced our overall risk appetite score based on our dashboard.


  • 3 is our highest positive momentum score, when everything suggests strong upward momentum that is likely to continue. We are more aggressive in accumulating during a score this high.

  • 2 is our second highest positive momentum score, where buyers are in favor and we are likely to continue to build into positions if we are just starting them.

  • 1 is our lowest positive momentum score, where buyers still enjoy a tactical advantage, but our conviction is not as high as momentum is not as strong and risks may exist.

  • 0 is our neutral momentum score, where we would want to neither have longs or shorts in the short-term.

  • -1 is our lowest conviction negative momentum score, where we could start building a short position or exiting a long we held previously, but where we would not be aggressive.

  • -2 is our second-highest conviction negative momentum score, where we would be looking at building short positions or fully exiting longs.

  • -3 is our highest conviction negative momentum score, where we would be interested in more aggressive short positioning.

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